If you’re not getting the results you want from brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing then it’s time to consider some other options to whiten your yellow teeth. Your teeth’s deep and surface levels become yellow because of stains as well as other factors that sometimes are not under our control. Whether the case of your yellow teeth is due to staining or other factors, there are over the counter products that can help improve its color and your orthodontist can also provide you with advice on to whiten your yellow teeth.

Factors that cause teeth to yellow

We all know that cigarettes and coffee can leave stains on your teeth over time, but what makes teeth look yellow are those thin tooth enamel. Tooth enamel is the hard, white surface of your teeth and beneath it is dentin, which is a pale brown substance. Thick enamel looks white, but thin enamel let the tones of the dentin to show through, which makes your teeth look yellowish from the outside. As we age, our enamel naturally wear this, but the acids from the foods we eat and drink such as oranges, soda and sour candies also thins the enamel by wearing away its surface. Even vitamin c tablets that are chewable are acidic.

Our saliva helps to neutralize acids and wash them away, but individuals suffering from dry mouth will miss out on this protective result.

Other factors that cause teeth to yellow

Other factors that contribute to teeth yellowing include use of antibiotic or too much intake of fluoride in young children, which will cause yellow-stained teeth later as they grow up. Nonetheless, according to study, high fluoride levels and antibiotics cause blotching on your teeth instead of an overall yellowish tone. And there are times that yellow teeth simply run in the family.

How to prevent yellow teeth

To prevent your teeth from getting yellow, avoid coffee, soda and smoking. You can also get into the habit of drinking those darker beverages using a straw. In addition, when you drink or eat something acidic, follow it up with a milk or water to lessen the eroding effect of acids. Flossing and brushing also help. Try to avoid snacks in between your meals as well to allow your saliva to dilute the acids in your mouth.

How to whiten your teeth

There are over the counter products are a convenient and affordable way to whiten your teeth, lift yellow tones in your teeth by removing the stains and there are also products that have a mild bleaching effect when used as indicated. There are also products that include whitening trays as well as mouth rinses.

Basically, discolorations respond to bleaching procedures, and your dentist can give you advice on how to whiten your teeth depending on how yellow your teeth are. Dentists can also provide you with bleaching kits that you can take home and use. There are many ways on hot to treat your yellow teeth, that’s why there’s no reason to hide your lovely smile.